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And I can help you with that.

You're busy. Whatever you're busy doing, sometimes it feels neverending.

There is only one of you and only so many hours in the day, but always something else to add to the list.

Another thing to do.

Chances are, you don't personally need to get it all done-even if it needs to look like you did. Think of how much time you could save if you just... didn't. 

Tired of living your life inside your inbox?

Want to skip scheduling those social media posts, coordinating meeting times, and filling out the myriad forms that come along with being in business (why are there so many?)? 

Need to send a gift but lack the time to research and get it ordered before you have to apologize for being late again?

Or maybe you just wish you had someone you could rattle off tasks to and trust them to be "right on top of that, Rose?"

When you get tired of doing it all by yourself...

I can help you with that. And more.

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Respect. Honesty. Loyalty. Integrity.

Respect — For your time and privacy. You won't need to micromanage assigned tasks or chase updates (unless that's your thing!). Oh, and your secrets are safe with me.

Honesty — In all things. When you ask a question, you can trust the answer. If I can't help or don't know, I'll say so! If I perceive inefficiency, I'll say that, too. It's not helpful to blow smoke, and I'm here to help.

Loyalty — A reliable and consistent source of assistance, I'm a true member of team you

Integrity — I say what I mean and I do what I say, even when no one is looking. But you can look if you want! Anytime. I maintain a culture of transparency and clarity in all I help you with, from regular updates in our agreed-upon fashion to managing tasks somewhere visible. You'll never wonder what's going on.

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I never realized how much time I spent worrying about things that interrupted my day instead of adding to it. Then Meghan came along. Finally I could spend my time doing what I want to do, not what I feel like I have to do.

-C.R.C (Private client / PA Services)

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When you're ready to start a conversation about how I can help you or your business, please fill out this form and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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